The Ultimate Foot Support Sock

Superior Comfort

Ultimate Performance

FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. is bringing to the market a patent pending proprietary technology that will minimize and in some cases possibly eliminate foot and lower extremity pain and discomfort. The product combines existing technologies to create an all-in-one solution with the following benefits:

  • Enhance foot comfort and protection by impact dispersion through the PF Extra Shock Absorbent (ESA) Inner sole foam Pad.
  • Improve anatomical support and increase circulation in the ankle and feet area through Compression
  • Control odor through PF Silver Ions Technology
  • Provide a truer performance fit by Design and are labeled with Left and Right foot indicators
  • Manage foot moisture through the use of PF Extreme Moisture Control materials
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When you are performing and engaging in some sort of athletic activity, it is important that you wear the proper protective gear. Many novices will begin their training with their usual gym gear and this can cause a lot of problems. One common issue experienced by many athletes are foot injuries and blood circulation issues. Specifically, if not enough blood is going to the associated limb, the blood vessels will swell and this can lead to sodium deficiencies if it is not treated. Compression socks are an excellent way to prevent these foot-related problems and with advancements in technology and science, compression foot support socks are getting more effective when preventing things like blisters, blood flow problems, and even foot order. This article will explain what compression socks are and how they work.

Athletic compression socks are a great way to make sure that you are not suffering from any injuries during exercise and sports training. They are very popular amongst many professional athletes and with runners especially, as they tend to suffer more from foot-related injuries/problems. With the proper equipment and clothing, your athletic performance can be drastically increased through the addition of compression socks like the ones offered by FootGlove Performance Footwear.

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