Our Story

The Inventor

Uganda Williams Sr. and his family of six are residents of Panama City Beach, Florida. The father of five Uganda formally worked in retail and customer service. Like many other creators of new product ideas or improvements to existing products this new inventor conceived his idea for the FootGlove Performance Footwear as a result of personal experience of which he recognized a need for such a product. Mr. Williams originally conceived the idea for the FootGlove Performance Footwear during the month of October 2012 and first disclosed his idea to others in February 2013. His product concept has currently reached patent-pending status. Uganda continues to work diligently so that the FootGlove Performance Footwear will become a commercial reality to offer consumers an unbeatable combination of comfort, performance, and support for those who are looking for a solution to feet discomfort. This ultimate foot support sock is a first generation sock of its kind.

The Company

FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. began in 2014. We set out with the vision to solve the world’s problems of foot pain and discomfort caused by excessive stress on the feet and lower extremities. By adopting the world’s most cutting edge design and engineering our mission is to eliminate foot pain and discomfort through the development of high tech, high performance, foot and lower extremity support products and accessories.